Seven Games Coming to Stadia Pro in June

Stadia today announced (in their bi-weekly This Week on Stadia post) that no less than seven games are coming to Stadia Pro in June! In addition, four of them are brand new to the Stadia library! Lets check them out.

1. First off, we have Deliver us the Moon, which was originally scheduled to hit Stadia a couple months back. It appears the game is now ready to come out of the oven as a fully baked experience on Stadia. This is likely one of the top hyped for games in the list; it is largely considered a hit on the platforms where it is already available.

A sci-fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future, where Earth’s natural resources are depleted. A lone astronaut is sent to the moon on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction.

2. Next up, we have Lake, a gorgeous narrative adventure game developed by Gamious and ported to Stadia with the help of a Stadium Connect North interviewee.

Escape to a beautiful, rustic environment without cellphones and the internet as Meredith Weiss, who takes a break from her career in the big city to deliver mail in her hometown. In this indie, open-world adventure game where your choices matter, you’ll have to make up your mind: return to the demanding city job, or stay in the town you grew up in?

3. Thirdly, it’s Deathrun TV, the highly anticipated dystopian gameshow centered top down shooter. The Stadia community has a history of supporting the developers of the game; so it’s great to see it come to the Stadia Pro library, where the game is likely to get a nice boost in playtime.

Experience real-time blistering speed and bullet-dodging action as you compete for glory…assuming you’re able to survive. A fast, hardcore rogue-lite twin-stick shooter set in the world’s biggest and craziest game show where only “likes” really count.

4. The last brand new game to hit the platform tomorrow (and to go straight to Stadia Pro) is Through the Darkest of Times. This game was officially announced just last week with many folks in the community correctly speculating it could hit Stadia Pro in June.

Lead an underground resistance group in 1933’s Berlin. Your goal is to deal small blows to Hitler’s Third Reich regime – dropping leaflets to spread awareness, painting messages on walls, sabotaging, gathering information, and recruiting more followers. And all of that while staying undercover – if the regime’s forces learn about your group, the life of each member is in grave danger.

Along with these four brand new games, we’ll be also seeing Golf With Your Friends, Ben 10 Power Trip and TOHU join the Stadia Pro lineup June 1.

Golf With Your Friends is an incredibly fun mini-golf game that let’s you play with up to 11 of your friends on slew of different courses and modes (and a ridiculously fun depth of customization). It has become a regular game in our rotation at our weekly family and friends game nights. It’s the game that makes everyone yell at the TV… in a fun sorta way!

Ben 10 Power Trip is probably our favorite Outright Games title on Stadia. It is an open world adventure where, Ben, the main character gains the ability to progressively morph into super-powered alien beings. It has a lot more depth than your typical kiddo game with a great story and tons of side-quests.

Finally, TOHU is a gem of an indie puzzle/adventure game that is great to play with the entire family. It has a really neat art style, fun mechanics and a fun world and story.

With these seven games hitting Stadia Pro in June, the month is definitely looking hot!


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