Stadia and Streaming Related Giveaways!

We have two Stadia related gently used products to giveaway to Stadians in the United States!

What we are Giving Away

The first is a Nest Wifi Kit that includes a router and two satellite points:

Nest Wifi Kit
Nest Wifi Router and Two Satellites

This kit can fill your home with solid Wifi. However, one of the great unique things about Nest Wifi is that it also has an option to prioritize Stadia (and other cloud gaming) traffic! If you are fan of the MadeByGoogle ecosystem, like we are, these are a hit.

Next up on the giveaway list is a Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam:

This 1080P webcam is a favorite of game streamers everywhere and makes a great cam for your Stadia streams.

How to Enter

To enter, you have to be willing to share with us your US based mailing address should you win. If this is you, simply comment below with what you would do with one or both devices. We’ll chose our favorite answer(s) to send the devices to.

Deadline to Comment: End of Day (11:59PM) Anywhere on Earth (AOE) Sunday July 17th.

Good luck!

Update: We have chosen some winners!

  • @MartinezMostly wins a 3 point Wifi Kit and C922X Camera
  • M.O. wins one Nest Wifi point
  • Liam wins a C922X Camera

We had a bit extra… We really liked everyone’s answers, though! So, stay tuned other entrants, we may reach out to you in the next couple days with some other options to help your setup.


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10 thoughts on “Stadia and Streaming Related Giveaways!

  1. Oh man this would be perfect! Our router finally died right after the warranty expired! We had been renting the one from the cable company as we saved up for a good one. In the meantime I have 15 chrome tabs open doing research and which one to get and had settle on these! Great for all things but work great and have extra features for us Stadia enthusiasts. We mainly play on tvs that are not close enough to be hard wired so internet is crucial to Stadia gameplay experience. Since we have had to be renting the past few months the quality has been horrible and now frequently freezes and disconnections. Hezekiah wanted to do some Stadia game streams but not very realistic with our current internet situation. This would be huge!

    The webcam would be awesome for Hezekiah to his game streams eventually and also for when he does his product unboxing and LEGO build! Eventually for game streams he definitely wants to be on camera as well!

    Thanks for the chance and your generosity ??❤️

  2. Wow what an amazing giveaway! These would be great for my family! We all ply Stadia here and have a good wifi router is a must. We have horrible internet currently and if has caused major issues while trying to game on wife. This would have our whole apartment covered and then some! Haha. Also the web cam would be awesome for game streaming and content creation. I also have to be on zoom meetings and my current built in web can is not very good. Would love to have a better web cam for both things!

  3. I have an Eero Mesh system at home but I’d definitely try the Nest wifi system and keep the best one while upgrading my brother with the other so he can get Internet out in his garage man cave. The webcam is definitely something I’ve been considering so my work life would be easier and I could potentially do some side stadia content. Either y’all the winner is gonna have a great upgrade.

  4. The Nest Wifi System looks intriguing to me and I’d have fun using it to see how well it performs and possibly replacing my AT&T Router with it. That alone would save me a monthly service fee on my internet bill. The webcam I could use not just for Stadia but also for Google Duo calls from my TV. That would be so cool to have. The best of luck to whoever wins this! ??

  5. I already have a Google wifi 1st gen router, so 1 more endpoint is all I need. The full trio covers a huge area, I doubt anyone will fully utilize the full system.

    As for the camera, I honestly won’t find a good use for it as I am not a streamer. I’m suggesting we split the devices to maximize the utilization if shipping doesn’t cost a fortune!

  6. Been thinking lately about buying a mesh for the wifi – I have bad wifi signal at the living room (where the TV is) and I will definitely make use of the wifi kit

  7. Oh man I’m 19 and just moved in to my first own place, this would be amazing since I have a lot of online school/work. Plus obviously i Love Stadia ?

  8. Wow nest wifi Is my savage for my wifi, i love stadia! Excuse me for my bad english

  9. Both would be great to finally start my stadia content I was literally just talking about buckling down and doing. This camera would be a huge upgrade from what I have. And the Wi-Fi in my back room is the worst area in the house to play stadia but it’s where I like to hang out the most. That would change that issue in a heartbeat. I use an Ethernet power line adapter to try and get a stronger signal. Wires everywhere. It’s a mess.

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