Stadia Stats: A Ray of Sunshine in the Stadia Community

Better late than never right? We are getting this week’s edition of Sunday Stadia Stats out while it is still Sunday somewhere on earth. As a reminder, we regularly collect data on all sorts of Stadia platform, game and community metrics. You can find and interact with all of the data on our stats page!

We’ve got some well-deserved community milestones to highlight this week – see below. But, first, let’s talk a little about the impact of the summer sales. The incredible deals that are live in the Stadia store are having a noticeable impact on the numbers. In, particular, we are noticing an increase in the rate at which new Stadians are appearing on various game leaderboards.

Stadia LeaderboardNew Listed Stadians Per Day (Last Week)New Listed Stadians Per Day (This Week)
FIFA 22 (Seasons)2367
The Crew 21251
Madden 22 (Online Exhibitions)917
Dirt 52435
Assassin’s Creed IV1335
Rayman Legends3943

It’s likely going to take people some time to get to the games they’ve purchased in the sales; so, it will be interesting to see if these elevated numbers continue.

Stadia Community Milestone

  • Ray3473 passed 500 YouTube subscribers. He is a legend in the community. Such a positive person who simply loves gaming. He loves Stadia along with just about every other way to game.
  • StadiaCat passed 200 followers! Your source for Stadia in Catalan.

Upcoming Stadia Numbers Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:

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