Stadia Stats: Centipede Growth

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! This is the weekly blog post where we cover all the Stadia platform, game and community numbers. This week we are talking about Stadia Centipede growth and other leaderboard growth. You can always find and interact with all the data and plots on our Stadia Stats page.

We don’t often check in on the Monopoly in-game leaderboard because it is a bit tedious to reach the bottom. But, we’ve got new numbers this week! Over 34,000 Stadians are now listed. The Top 10 players have each played for an average of over 550 hours (#4 is over 930 hours)! The total population has played for ~150,000 hours.

Stadia Monopoly Growth
Monopoly Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time

Stadia Centipede Growth

Centipede: Recharged released Friday on Stadia – straight to Stadia Pro. In its first two days on the platform, over have 1,800 players have gotten listed on the Single Player Arcade Recharged Mode leaderboard. We will continue following the Stadia Centipede growth over the week and weeks ahead.

Centipede: Recharged Stadia Single Player Arcade Recharged Mode Leaderboard Size Over Time

Next, the Summer Stadia sale continues and that appears to have kept the growth rate up for a number of games. Notably, FIFA 22 (Seasons Mode) grew by its highest daily rate since February. An average of 81 new Stadians were added to the Seasons leaderboard every day this week.

Stadia FIFA 22 Daily Growth
FIFA 22 Stadia Seasons Leaderboard Growth Per Day

Other older games on the platform saw some good growth as well: for example, The Crew 2 leaderboard picked up 56 names a day.

Stadia Stats Community Milestones!

  • DemiGoddess0311 (the amazingly talented Stadia in-game photographer) stormed past 500 followers! We only recently started following her, but you can see she is growing like crazy.
DemiGoddess0311 Growth

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