Stadia Stats for Sunday May 22

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the Stadia Stats edition for Sunday May 22, 2022! This is the weekly post where we take a look at the Stadia platform, game and community numbers!

Remember, you can find all the data and interact with all the plots on our Stadia Stats page.

Here are a few things we thought were interesting this week:

Did you know we track some Stadia content creators on Twitch? Congratulations to StadiaTime, a predominantly Destiny 2 streamer, who we think is on top with 2,300 subscribers.

One of the metrics we don’t often talk about is the Google Stadia top liked post per week (recording likes):

Stadia Community Milestones

Upcoming Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:

Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

We’ll be back next week for another edition. For mid-week updates follow @StadiaDosage and @jdeslip on twitter. You can find all of the past editions of “Stadia Stats” in our archive.


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