Stadia Stats 7/31/2022: The Gold Mine

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats. This is the weekly blog post where we discuss all the numbers surrounding the Stadia platform, game library and community. You can find and interact with all of the data we collect on our Stadia Stats page.

I want to again first bring people’s attention to the article written earlier this week by community member @sDadia_netStadia Pro – A Gold Mine for Small Indies to AA Games. There’s tons of fantastic information & analysis in that latest post. It’s amazing he got developers to give him so much info. It has the answers to lots of questions we have like:

  • How much money does a single session-day yield for a developer?
  • How much does a pro game make on month 1 vs 2, 3, 4?
  • How many gameplay sessions does an average Stadia Pro user have in a given month?
  • How much can a game developer of different types of games hope to earn on Stadia and Stadia Pro?

Lets take a look at a couple Stats that intrigued us this month. First off, the Centipede:Recharged Single Player recharged mode (the most popular mode in the game) leaderboard packed in another 700 Stadians this week. It will pass the 7,000 mark early next week.

Centipede Leaderboard on Stadia

Interestingly, in the excellent Nerf Report interview with 13 AM games, the developers revealed that Dawn of the Monsters (which was a Pro game earlier this year) saw more than 10,000 Stadians claim the game “right out of the gate.” It probably didn’t see as many total Stadia Pro users as Dirt 5 (> 120,000), but it was a nice quote none the less. The game doesn’t have a leaderboard we can track over time, unfortunately.

It’s been awhile since we checked in on the top Stadians of Twitter. @4Scarrs_Gaming and @StadiaSource are still on top and still growing!

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