Stadia Stats: Platform, Game and Community Numbers

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! This is the weekly blog post where we cover all the latest numbers surrounding the Stadia platform, games and community! Don’t forget that you can find and interact with all the data on our Stats page.

It was an incredibly hot news week for Stadia with 35 new trials dropping, NVIDIA GPUs being tested, new job postings and rumors of Atari games and Saints Row! Let’s see what’s been happening numbers wise.

Rayman Legends re-passed 2,000 listed players since its leaderboard was reset about a month ago:

Rayman Legends Stadia Leaderboard
Rayman Legends Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time

The leaderboard would be close to 10,000 if it hadn’t been reset…

Another 70 people per day were added to the Stadia FIFA 22 Seasons leaderboard. A good week for the game! The growth remains quite impressive – especially so far after release. No doubt the Summer sales are helping!

FIFA 22 Stadia Leaderboard
FIFA 22 Seasons Mode Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time

One of the metrics we track that turned out to be more interesting than we thought, is the official Stadia Community Blog likes and views. It’s important to note that views continue to grow significantly on older blog posts even from years ago (presumably due to search traffic), while likes usually stop growing after a couple weeks on each post. Thus, “likes” is probably a more accurate metric of how much activity a post had when it was first released.

Stadia Blog Post Likes Over Time
Stadia Blog Post Views Over Time

We haven’t discussed our favorite achievement hunting communities in a while, but it is amazing how steadily both StadiaHunters and Exophase are growing!

Stadia Achievement Community Growth Over Time
Stadia Hunters and Exophase (Stadia) Achievement Leaderboard Size Over Time

Easter egg alert! We will reward the first five people who post the URL to a new honest game review (even bad reviews help!) they created on Stadia Hunters in the comments below with a $20 Google Play Gift Code. And, we’ve got 5 winners! Will contact you all Sunday evening Pacific time. For everyone else, keep an eye out for more Easter eggs in the future.

Stadia Stats Community Milestones!

  • Newcomer Nerds World passed 100 twitter followers. He’s going all in on Stadia content on his YouTube channel as well! Definitely check it out!

Upcoming Stadia Numbers Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:

Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

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We’d love to hear your reactions, comments and questions in the replies below! Definitely let us know if we missed any milestones or got anything wrong!


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