Stadia Stats: Time to Party

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Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats. This is the weekly blog post where we discuss all the numbers related to the Stadia platform, game library and community. You can interact with all the data yourself on our Stadia Stats page.

We continue to follow the growth of the Centipede: Recharged leaderboard (for the single-player recharged mode). It cruised past 5,000 Stadians this week!

Centipede: Recharged Stadia Leaderboard
Centipede: Recharged (Single Player Recharged Mode) Leaderboard Size vs. Time

Next, the member count on the official Stadia Community Forum passed 98,000 as it gets closer and closer to the 100K mark!

Stadia Official Forum Member Count
Member Count on the Official Stadia Community Forum Over Time

We have a number of Stadia community milestones to celebrate this week!

Stadia Stats Milestones

PSX Cloud has passed 1,000 YouTube subscribers!

PurpleHaze passed 200 YouTube subscribers. She is still practically brand new on the scene and absolutely killing it.

Stadia Party Chat

Upcoming Stadia Numbers Milestones:

Stadia Positive YouTube Channels:

Stadia Positive Twitter Handles: 

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Finally, we’d love to hear your reactions, comments and questions in the replies below! Definitely let us know if we missed any milestones or got anything wrong!


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