Stadia Stats: Sales Work!

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats. This is the weekly post where we take a look at the Stadia platform, game and community numbers. This week’s theme: “sales work”!

Remember, you can find all the data and interact with all the plots on our Stadia Stats page.

Two of the games with the biggest leaderboards on Stadia are Sniper Elite 4 (over 233,000 Stadians listed) and Zombie Army 4 (over 116,000 Stadians listed). However, they both have moved on from being claimable on Stadia Pro well over a year ago; so the new players being added to their leaderboards per day has been relatively low as of late. But, this week, both got big boosts thanks to a sale – a ~10x boost!

Number of new names per day being added to the Sniper Elite 4 and Zombie Army 4 leaderboards on Stadia per day.

Looking at some other leaderboards. We see the Rayman Legends leaderboard on Stadia has passed 8,000 names!

And, the Kaze (optional time trial) leaderboard continues to jump since it joined Stadia Pro. Again, we suspect this counts only about 5%-10% of people who completed level 1.

Let’s next check back in on the game availability from the GFK UK weekly top sellers list on various cloud services. Once, again we have Stadia on top, with 5 of its games making the list. It’s interesting to note that Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is also listed, which would be a 6th game!

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