Stadia Stats 8/7/2022: Top Worms

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats. This is the weekly blog post where we discuss all the numbers surrounding the Stadia platform, game library and community. You can find and interact with all of the data we collect on our Stadia Stats page.

This week, we discovered a new leaderboard on Stadia to track going forward. Worms W.M.D. has leaderboards for players who complete its single player training levels. Having played only multiplayer so far (many matches over the past month), I didn’t realize these leaderboards existed until just this week. But, over 7,400 Stadians have played through the first training level. Here is how this leaderboard compares to the Centipede Single-Player recharged mode leaderboard (a game that also launched into Stadia Pro at the same time).

The linear appearance of the Worms W.M.D. line is an artifact of having only one data point since release. Check back next week to see the rate at which the leaderboard is currently growing.

In other news, the Sniper Elite 4 leaderboard (still the biggest leaderboard on Stadia) passed 234,000 Stadians this week. It’s been a long time since the game was claimable on Pro, but it continues to see new players.

Sniper Elite 4 Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time

The Destiny 2 Stadia daily player base is again on the rise as a fraction of PC players. It is back near 2% these days.

Destiny 2 Stadia Daily Player Count as a Fraction of PC Players

Let’s next check back in on the two biggest Stadia achievement hunting communities. Stadia Hunters is maintaining impressive growth – recently passing 2,500 registered members! And, exophase (where you can track achievements across multiple platforms) continues to see its Stadia leaderboard grow pretty consistently.

Growth of membership at Stadia Hunters and Exophase Stadia Leaderboard

Stadia Stats Milestones

Number of followers of @ChatStadia over time
@chatstadia followers over time

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