Stadia Once Again Leading in Top Game Availability

Every week, we track the availability of games across cloud gaming services (GFN, Luna and Google Stadia) from the GFK industry UK Weekly Top Sellers List. This list contains the Top 40 selling games each week in the UK. About half of the listed games are typically exclusives (mostly from Nintendo). So, typically, there are about 20 games on the list that the cloud services above can hope to see.

Stadia is fairly consistently on top of the group in our analysis. This week is no different:

This week, Stadia had four listed games available: FIFA 22, Just Dance 22, Red Dead Redemption 2 and (for the first time listed) the House of the Dead Remake! Interestingly, My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure is also listed on this week’s top sellers. This game is set to hit Stadia in just a couple months (Summer 22) and would add a fifth game to Stadia’s total for the week.

GFN and Luna both had two listed games available this week including Dying Light 2 and Evil Dead & Sonic Mania and Sonic Colours respectively. It’s interesting to note that the three cloud libraries appear to compliment each-other well this week.

It is also really nice to see Stadia more than holding its own against the other cloud services in this metric. The Stadia team does a great job curating the games library, both for Stadia Pro and for the platform in general. Upcoming game Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach has often made the GFK weekly top sellers list in recent weeks as well.


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