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Xbox Cloud Gaming Arrives on Fire TV

Update July 8: Game Pass on Fire TV is Now Live. Do you remember back in the day, with Stadia, when you could just play your games on nearly any device? Well, Xbox is getting closer and closer to that reality. Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) is landing on select Amazon Fire TV devices starting July. […]

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GeForce NOW on Fire TV
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Play GeForce NOW on Amazon Fire TV

With the recent expansion of Amazon’s cloud gaming service, Luna, you may have picked up a Fire Stick for the first time or be looking at your old one in a new light. Let us take that dongle beyond a singular gaming service and introduce it to GeForce NOW! How to Install GeForce Now 1. […]

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How To Play Xbox Game Pass on Amazon Fire TV

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an excellent supplement to an Xbox. The Game Pass Ultimate subscription also comes with a fantastic way to utilize cloud gaming to play games when you can’t play on the Xbox itself – whether that is on your phone when you’re away from the house or perhaps when a family […]

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Games on Fire TV
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Amazon Fire TV adds a Games Section, Highlights Luna

The Amazon Fire TV team announced today that they will be adding a new Games section to their TV platform. The section will appear alongside other sections like “Movies”, “TV” and Genres like “Documentaries.” The section (at least for now) will highlight games from the Fire TV Android app store as well as cloud games […]

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