Utomik Lands on Android with a Bang – Play For Free

Cloud gaming platform, Utomik is available on android devices starting today!

Utomik boasts a library of over 100 cloud-based games to play, with more added every month. Previously, the service has only been available on selected Samsung and LG TV’s and PC. Starting today, you can play Utomik on your Android device with a compatible controller.

As of late, Utomik has been expanding its cloud gaming availability and library of games, pushing hard to become one of the biggest contestants in the community.

Utomik cloud
Utomik Cloud is spreading its wings but remains early access

To celebrate this, Utomik will be holding a free-to-play event on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of December. Not only that, but once the event concludes, there will be a special offer of 50% off your membership until you cancel! What a fantastic offer.

Aside from the Android app, Utomik has also announced the addition of 10 more games to the platform. It’s an exciting time, It’s an exciting time for the company. And although it remains in Early Access for the time being, it is a great time to give the service a try if you haven’t already.

Will you be trying the service on the free-to-play even this weekend? Here at Cloud Dosage, we’re excited to check out the service on different devices. Look forward to our review in the upcoming days! Additionally, to stay up-to-date regarding Utomik, click here.



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