The Netflix Exclusive Games That I Want To See On Netflix Games

Netflix Games

Netflix Games, the video game platform within the Netflix app, offers a range of games including indie game hits, console/PC ports, and games based on Netflix IPs. However, in this editorial, I want to go over some concepts for games which Netflix could make as exclusive games for Netflix Games.

Lego Stranger Things Is A No Brainer:

Let’s start by diving into one of the most iconic children’s entertainment brands and one of Netflix’s most popular television IPs, Lego Stranger Things. Netflix and Lego have teamed up to release several Stranger Things Lego sets; however, we have yet to see a video game adaptation of Stranger Things. Brands like Marvel, Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings, among many other big-name IPs, have seen video game adaptations, including Lego-based video games, perhaps making a Lego Stranger Things game, especially to promote the fifth and final season of the series, seem like a no-brainer idea. Warner Brothers Interactive no longer has the exclusive rights to make Lego games, as it stands the license seems to ber much open in the video game market.

A Multiversus Style Cross Over Fighting Game Is One Netflix Would Benefit From:

The next game I want to discuss the idea for is a game in the vein of Multiversus or Super Smash Bros. In this game, you would see characters from popular Netflix shows and films crossing over in the ultimate smackdown. You could include several characters including Bojack Horseman, Vecna, Eleven, Kid Cosmic, Matilda, Willy Wonka, Wednesday, and Tyler Rake (Extraction). This video game could easily have new characters added as new games, TV shows, and movies are added to the Netflix catalogue. The reason Netflix needs this type of online game is to help build a community and spread awareness of Netflix’s growing gaming efforts.

A Roald Dahl Crossover Game Is A Must:

The next game on our list that I think Netflix Games needs is a Roald Dahl Crossover Game. In September 2021, Netflix acquired The Roald Dahl Story Company (around the same time Netflix bought Night School Studio). This deal meant Netflix gained the rights to popular books including Matilda, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The BFG, and Danny Champion of the World among many others. So imagine how big a deal a video game crossover is where you could play as Matilda Wormwood, Charlie Bucket, Mr. Fox, Willy Wonka, The BFG, or The Twits.

What this game would be genre-wise is up to interpretation, but I feel like a Roald Dahl version of Disney Infinity without the plastic figures would be a great way to crossover such franchises. Roald Dahl is a huge name when it comes to children’s literature, especially in Britain, so crossing over some of his most notable children’s stories for a video game is a no-brainer.

Netflix Millarworld

A Millarworld Video Game Universe Could Rival The Batman Arkham Series:

The next game/games idea I have is quite a big one. With the popularity of video games based on superheroes including the Batman Arkham Series and the Spider-Man Playstation Games, it begs the question, when will Netflix use its own superheroes to make a game to rival these franchises? Millarworld is behind popular comic book series like The Magic Order, Supercrooks, and Jupiter’s Legacy, which may not carry the same name recognition as characters like Batman or Spider-Man but would be able to be transformed into some fun video games.

With the game library on Netflix always evolving, they could announce a new game at any time. Is there any game concept you’d love to see Netflix develop? Let us know on social media.

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