Top Game from GFK Weekly Top Sellers is on Stadia

For those of you who follow us here on Stadia Dosage, you know that we track a lot of metrics related to Google Stadia. One of the metrics we track is the availability on Stadia and other cloud platforms of games on the GFK Weekly Top Sellers list. The GFK list tracks the top 40 selling games in the UK (a major gaming market) each week.

In any given week, about 1/2 to 2/3 of the games on the list are platform exclusives (mostly for Nintendo Switch, but also Sony and Microsoft to a lesser extent). So, there are typically between 15 and 20 cross-platform games listed that we could realistically hope to have available on Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and/or GeForce Now. When comparing availability on Stadia against those latter two services, Stadia’s library shines.

Since we started tracking this metric back in October, Stadia has been on top for all but five weeks. It also now has a streak of 10 consecutive weeks where it’s been on top.

GFK top Selling game availability on Stadia

An Unusual Week for the GFK List

This week was a particularly interesting one on the charts. Firstly, the new Saints Row game is the top selling game on the list. The game is available on both GFN and Stadia. The last time the top listed game was available on Stadia was around the release of FIFA 22.

Unusually, no Ubisoft games made the list this month (the first time this has occurred since we began tracking). That circumstance especially hurt Amazon Luna’s score for the week – not a single game Luna game was listed.

Despite the lack of Ubisoft games, Stadia still had 4 listed games this week. Other than Saints Row, the games include FIFA 22, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mortal Kombat 11.

For those who are curious, GeForce Now had Saints Row and Among Us listed.

It’s great to see the top game from the GFK weekly sellers list on Stadia. While Saints Row has had mixed reviews overall, early accounts have it looking and running really well on Stadia. We will be publishing our own review shortly.


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