Ubisoft Sends Out Free 1 Month GeForce NOW Trials to Stadians

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Ubisoft is giving ex-Stadians a Free Month of GeForce NOW

Ubisoft has now officially joined Bungie in giving players of its titles from Stadia a free month to try GeForce NOW (first reported as coming back in December). The reward is described in an email to Stadia players from Ubisoft this afternoon.

Ubisoft GFN offer email:

As you may know, Stadia shut down on January 18, 2023. At Ubisoft, we are working to ensure a smooth transition as you continue your gaming journey. 

We are bringing the Ubisoft games you own on Stadia to PC through Ubisoft Connect. If the title is available on PC, the same edition you purchased will be automatically added to your Connect account. Some restrictions may apply; please contact Ubisoft’s customer service if you have questions.

We are providing you with a unique code redeemable for a free 1-month trial of a GeForce NOW Priority Membership, which will enable you to keep streaming your Ubisoft games across devices. Code expires March 31, 2023, at 3 pm UTC and can only be used once. Membership will be converted to a Free membership at the completion of the promotional membership duration unless you choose to subscribe to a recurring paid membership. Terms and conditions, and territorial restrictions may apply. Click Here to log into your Ubisoft account and redeem your unique coupon code.

What You Get

The offer is for a free month of the GeForce NOW priority tier. This is the middle tier that gives you access to up to 1080Px60 streaming quality typically using RTX 2080 cards. The tier typically costs $9.99 a month. We are not yet sure whether this can be redeemed by existing GFN priority tier subscribers. However, GFN Ultimate subscribers definitely cannot redeem the codes as they will see the following error:

This selection is not compatible with your Ultimate plan.

We recommend you try the promotion for yourself by visiting this page.

When you visit the link in the email, you will be given a unique GeForce NOW code to use and a direct link to an NVIDIA site on which you can redeem the code.

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