Ubisoft’s Photography Competition is Now Open

Ubisoft Photo competition banner

Along with a slew of new games announced at the recent Ubisoft Forward event, a virtual photo competition has been quietly announced. Much like the Cyberpunk Competition, Ubisoft are running a big in game photography competition until October 16th 2022.

The prizes announced are a spot in the upcoming 4-day Ubisoft art exhibition in New York, a high-end MSI Raider laptop, and a fine art print of your photo. All pretty neat prizes.

To participate you will have to use Photomode in any Ubisoft game. Only Ubisoft games are accepted. You can only edit the photos with the tools in Photomode; No photoshop or other editors allowed! Upload between 1 – 4 in-game shots in a single post, or album. Add the description of your choice, and tag up to 4 of the genre categories listed below. Or upload it on the dedicated form if you don’t have an account on the relevant social media.

The 7 categories that the photos must fall into are as follows; Portrait, Outdoor, Storytelling, Design, Experimental, Action and Out of Category. You are the judge as to what category your photo falls into.

This competition falls perfectly in the current free Ubisoft+ trial that runs until the 10th of October. You can find a full list of acceptable games as well as the T&C’s and FAQ at the Contest webpage.

Unsurprisingly, there are some very talented virtual photographers in the Stadia community! @DemiGoddessVP and @giraph_1 are just two! So, participate in this contest and let’s see some Stadians win!



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