Unofficial Stadia Community Scavenger Hunt

Stadia Community Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to our first ever Community Scavenger Hunt!

This is intended to be a fun virtual game where you can test your knowledge and get to know (a little) more about just some of our favorite parts of the Stadia community… and earn $10 in Google Play Credit from us at Stadia Dosage!


Stadia Dosage is in no way associated with Google or Google Stadia. The questions are based on public information. No Stadia community members outside of Stadia Dosage were consulted in the creation of these questions (nor received/gave anything towards the creation of this game).

Unfortunately, we could only include a fraction of our favorite amazing Stadians in our questions. The questions are meant to be fun, random and not extensive. We’ll try to include new questions and topics in the next round!

You must be 18 years old or older to participate. Prizes are limited to the first 100 successful completions. Your participation is at your own risk. The organizers can’t imagine any harm that may occur by participating in this contest, but may also not be held accountable if any harm should somehow occur.


  • Each eligible winner (up to a max of 100 or until Tuesday June 21) will receive a Google Play gift code worth (at least) $10 USD from Stadia Dosage. The first 20 winners will receive an extra $10 USD, for a total of (at least) $20 USD.
  • A maximum of 100 winners (ordered by completion date) will receive the reward.
  • To win, you must complete and submit the below linked Questionnaire and receive a score of 100% correct responses.
  • If you submit a form that scores less than 100%, we will let you know your score, but not which questions were incorrect. You may then resubmit.
  • You may work in teams and across social media. You do NOT need to keep your answers private.
  • We hope you use your winnings towards games on Stadia, but we obviously can’t and won’t enforce this.

Good luck hunters!

This is now closed for earning Google Play Credit. But you can still do the Scavenger Hunt for fun!

Click to Launch Your Scavenger Hunt Questionnaire


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