Use Your Stadia Controller Wirelessly With Other Services

Important Update:

Since Stadia’s shutdown, Stadia has also unlocked the bluetooth capability of the Stadia controller so it can be used with other gaming devices and services. Please see our step by step instructions for unlocking bluetooth on your controller.

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We just reported that Stadia is rolling out enhanced support for the controller on Android TV. Now, thanks to a community member, you can now use your Stadia Controller wirelessly with other services on your PC, too!

One of things we absolutely love to celebrate at Stadia Dosage is all the community members who step up to work on projects that make the experience better for everyone in the community. User Neither_Appearance_7 is the latest example of this trend! He is developing a tool (that was announced on r/Stadia) that allows you to use your Stadia controller wirelessly to play games on other services (Steam etc.) on your PC (as well as Stadia of course). The tool, called Stadia Wireless, is free and open-source – you can check it out on GitHub.

Why Develop This?

Many people really really like the Stadia controller. They like the feel of it, the look of it (Wasabi FTW!) and/or the responsiveness of it. They like that it charges via USB-C. Or, maybe… it is just the one controller they have… For all these reasons, folks have been asking to be able to use the controller on their PCs for other gaming services they might have access to (e.g. Steam) as well as Stadia.

The Stadia controller is already usable with PCs and these other apps via a wired connection. While this is usable, it’s not exactly ideal for many people.

Note, the controller does have bluetooth capability, but, at this point, it is only used for discovery purposes during setup. The controller cannot be connected to a PC or other device via Bluetooth.

Enter the Stadia Wireless Project

The way Stadia Wireless works is by having you connect your controller to your phone (in this way, it is not a totally wireless solution) and having you install a server app on your PC. Next, when you visit a pairing page on your phone, the device registers like an Xbox controller as far as your computer is concerned.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool little utility and may give the controller additional usefulness for owners. However, keep in mind that this is what it is – a workaround developed by a well-intentioned user. Your mileage may vary and the level of support is up to the graciousness of the developer.

Finally, you can watch a demo of this in action on the developer’s YouTube channel:

Demonstration of Stadia Wireless

Let us know in the comments if this is something you are excited about. Have you given it a try?


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6 thoughts on “Use Your Stadia Controller Wirelessly With Other Services

  1. Absolutely nice. I wanted this for too long. Any idea if it works with Epic games? I am doing the workaround of using stadia wired controller and from steam I launch Epic games, the the wires controller works

  2. I *think* it should, since it registers like an Xbox controller. I don’t have Epic to test, though.

  3. I’ll give it a try sometime. Thing is Epic launcher never get the mapping right, the workaround is Epic through steam.

  4. Being able to take this application to Android TV and use the stadia controller for stadia Geforce now at the same time would be the best of the best

  5. I’ve been looking for this a lot of time. Thank you! It could be fantastic if there was an android tv version and use the stadia controller on our’s tv’s

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