Utomik Cloud Expands Atari Game Collection with Three New Additions

New Atari Titles on Utomik

Utomik has announced the inclusion of three exciting Atari games to its ever-growing library. The latest additions, Centipede: Recharged, Black Widow: Recharged, and Kombinera, provide gamers with a diverse range of experiences and nostalgic delights. If you’re curious about the previous releases, check out our posts regarding the first and second waves.

With these recent additions, Utomik has now released a total of ten remarkable games from Atari, offering an extensive selection for gaming enthusiasts. Players can enjoy these remastered classics and experience the full glory of Atari’s iconic titles.

Centipede: Recharged, a beloved classic, returns with its signature neon colors and thrilling gameplay. Players will be engaged in demolishing hordes of creepy crawlies using both familiar and innovative power-ups. With new additions such as rows of bombs, explosive bullets, and a powerful rail gun, Centipede: Recharged is an exhilarating experience that retains the simplicity and charm of the original while introducing exciting enhancements.

Black Widow: Recharged is a return to form for the game that is known as the pioneer of twin-stick shooters. Players will unleash their deadly arsenal of weapons to eliminate unsuspecting insects trapped in a masterfully woven web. With an expanded array of tools, including powerful web blasts, explosives, and spread shots, players can vanquish their foes with greater precision and unleash fear into the hearts of their tiny bug adversaries.

Adding a unique twist to the collection, Kombinera presents over 300 mind-bending puzzle challenges. This vibrant puzzle platformer invites players on a mission to save the King Kombine from the treacherous Kave of Kaos. To conquer the numerous levels and missions, players must master the different orbs featured in this charming arcade-style puzzle game.

Two day-one releases on Utomik

Whether relishing the timeless classics or immersing themselves in modern experiences, gamers can enjoy a vast array of gaming adventures on Utomik. The platform has also added to day-one releases this week: Tin Hearts and Elypse.

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