Utomik Cloud Free Weekend Announced – Lifelong Discounts Included

Utomik Cloud Free Weekend

As of late, Utomik Cloud has been on a spree of great announcements. Their Android app, which is now in beta, will release pretty soon. Their Smart TV apps have arrived at both Samsung and LG TVs. Also, the service has expanded to many more countries over the last months. And now, on top of that, Utomik has announced a Free Weekend event for next week.

On December 16th, 17th, and 18th, gamers can sign up for the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend and immediately start playing. No need to leave your payment details and no complicated steps. It is as simple as that. Simply create your account and start playing. This is the perfect way to try the service and see if it works well for you. It somehow reminds us of Stadia’s free trials, which helped potential users to check the platform.

But that’s not all! When the Utomik Cloud Free Weekend is over, all participants will be notified with a special offer of 50% lifelong discount on Utomik Cloud subscriptions. This means that your monthly subscription will be half the price, forever! This way, for only $4.49 per month, you can enjoy Utomik’s cloud gaming library on PC, Android smartphones and Samsung and LG TVs. With the family subscription, for $6.49 per month, up to 4 users can enjoy gaming together. There are already a varied amount of games, with many more being announced regularly.

As of today, here are some of the upcoming Utomik Cloud releases:

  • Wolfstride
  • Star Renegades
  • Night Call
  • Reverie Knights Tactics
  • Corpse Party

Get all the details and set up a reminder for the event in the official website.



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