6 Stadia Pro Games Coming in August! Enter Calico

Stadia has just dropped their last This Week on Stadia post of July. Six Stadia Pro games are coming in August and it includes:

With the recent announcement of Saints Row coming to Stadia its surely no surprise to see Saints Row®: The Third™ – Remastered added to this months line up. This is a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming day and date release.

Calico is the newest game to be announced for Stadia coming 1st August and straight into Pro. Calico is a day in the life of a community sim game where you have the most important task of all – rebuild the towns cat café. Build up the café of your dreams with furniture, decorations and pastries and bring in all of the animals of the town.


Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is your monster truck fix where you can choose from a roster of 38 of the greatest trucks in Monster Jam history. Compete in 5 new Monster Jam worlds to become the ultimate champion!

Shantae Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition is an arcade style action game, following the Half-Genie Shantae in her latest adventures. Help Shantae to save the day with her Hair Whips attacks or Belly Dances to defeat all monsters as you prepare for a fight against Shantae’s arch nemesis! (Side note: don’t sleep on this game, we think it’s one of the best 2D platformers on any system).

Murder By Numbers – An action puzzle game from Irregular Corp to which you need to solve all of the pixel puzzles to find clues. Use each clue to interrogate witnesses and work your way to the truth.

Finally, Welcome to Elk a biographical adventure set on an island like you’ve never seen before. Every character you encounter has their own story to tell. All of the tales that you encounter on Elk are based on true stories from the weird and wonderful to the dark and desperate.

Be sure to grab all 6 Pro games on 1st August and have fun in the cloud!



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