Netflix Games February 2024 Games Recap

Netflix Games

It’s now March. That means it is time to recap all the games released on Netflix Games during February 2024. We only have two games to go over on this list. Let’s take a look at both of these games and whether or not they are titles you should check out.

Pinball Masters

Become A Pinball Master In Pinball Masters

The first game on our list is the video game Pinball Masters. This game comes packed with almost a dozen pinball tables including tables based on Godzilla, King Kong and The Addams Family among others. Pinball games are a dime a dozen but to be able to play this game right now for free with your Netflix subscription is great for fans of the genre. You can play Pinball Masters on Netflix via your mobile phone right now.

Rainbow Six Smol

Take Action In The Adorable Rainbow Six SMOL:

The next game on our list is an interesting one, as this is a game that wasn’t included in its developer’s original Netflix contract. Rainbow Six SMOL sees you take control of a recruit where you must defuse bombs and storm enemy bases as you accomplish your mission to defend the world of SMOL. This game is based on Ubisoft’s popular Tom Clancy franchise and the addition of this game is especially interesting as it is the fourth game Ubisoft has confirmed for Netflix and the third to be released by them.

Netflix Games has been steadily growing its output of games and is also working on building out its cloud gaming platform, which you can check out in my article about here.

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