Should You Buy Games On Stadia?

Look. I get it… Stadia have been a bit slow to add games to the platform this year (30 of the expected 100+ having come so far); they previously closed down their own in house production studio; they missed some opportunities for some exclusive titles; they don’t often have a major presence at industry events like the summer games fest… This may have left you uncertain about the future of Stadia.

Does this mean you should not buy games on the platform?

Some people out there would advise against buying games on Stadia until we know more about what the future holds. With the greatest of respect to the people offering this advice, this truly is terrible advice. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom. If nobody purchases games on the platform, its future is certain. It would only be a matter of time before the doors of business are closed.

So I say yes, absolutely. If you have an interest in the game on Stadia you should 100% buy it. This Is the best way to support the platform and the best way to show developers we want games from them. Voting with your wallet works both ways.

Which games?

While every game on Stadia has value, personally, I would advise purchasing single player games or games that support cross play – a growing number. The player base on Stadia (and other young cloud game services) is small in comparison to xbox/playstation/PC but growing steadily. Unless you are playing with friends, you may find it difficult to find a match in a game right away which could taint your experience of Stadia.

Right now, I have so many great options to choose from! Take a look at the current sale on the Stadia store and see the many great savings there. Some people like to say Stadia has no games… But, then, why, with 194 games already in my library, do I have so many games to choose from in the sale that I can’t decide what to buy?

Stadia sale is live now

Take advantage of opportunities and save money!

If you are skeptical about putting money into a young and evolving platform like Stadia, take advantage of the ecosystem, the community, and the sales! Some of the discounts on the store bring the games down to an incredible price! Thanks to Stadia being part of Google there are ways to get games without spending your hard earned cash. Google Opinion Rewards is a fantastic and easy way to build up credit to spend on games by answering a few short questions. You can also stay tuned to this very website to take part in events like the Treasure Hunt to bag yourself some credit.

With different ways of “purchasing” games for free, what better way to start or grow your games library.

Get out there. Jump into games. Have fun and show your support.



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