Stadia Features – Crowd Choice

What is Crowd Choice?

Next up in our “Stadia Features” series is Crowd Choice. Crowd choice allows streamers to get their fans involved in the game. Questions and results will be displayed in the YouTube Chat windows next to the live stream. Depending on how the developer has implemented it you will either be able to click a button or type your answer into the chat. Options can include weapon choices, power up or dialogue options. If it is a button type poll, you can only answer once. But text polls you can answer multiple times. You don’t need to own the game to participate. All you need to participate as a crowd member is to be logged into YouTube on your computer or mobile device and be watching the stream.

Crowd Choice on Stadia
Crowd choice shown in Outcasters

What Can I do with it?

As a streamer you can get your audience to vote on options such as weapon or level selections, power boosts, dialogue options and more. Questions or choices are limited to what the developer has added to the game. Meaning you can’t input your own. The option that receives the most votes in chat will show up in the game’s live stream. In some instances you can choose to ignore the choice of the crowd. But do you want to?

As a viewer, you can get involved with your favorite streamer. Will you help them get the easier win or will you hinder them and make them struggle?

How do I set it up?

As with most Stadia features, it is easy to set up. When you are playing a game that supports Crowd Choice, an option will appear in the dialogue menu when you choose to live stream. Activate the feature and away you go. The game will run polls at certain times during the live stream and results will be shown in chat.

This is a fun feature aimed more at streamers than your average player. But it’s definitely a good one to have. Having used this a few times as a viewer it does get you more invested in the stream.

These games currently support Crowd Choice: 

It would be great if more games can implemented this feature, especially RPGs and JRPGs games. But any game that is fun to watch streamed would benefit from this really neat feature.

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