Stadia Stats July 24, 2022: HashTags for the Win

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats. This is the weekly blog post where we discuss all the numbers surrounding the Stadia platform, game library and community. You can find and interact with all of the data we collect on our Stadia Stats page.

I want to first bring people’s attention to the article written earlier this week by @sDadia_netHow many Active users does Stadia Have? It’s a great article that uses access to high-fidelity Stadia Pro revenue data in order to accurately determine the revenue and player count for the game 100 Days Winemaking Simulator. From there, the author extrapolates an estimate for the total active Pro subscribers and Stadia users. Given the nature of the assumptions made and extrapolation performed, there are certainly some error-bars on those final estimates (the author talks in detail about the possible sources of error), but it’s the best analysis I’ve seen to date on the topic!

The analysis fits the data we’ve been collecting here on Stadia Pro game usage as well. For example, we noted that 120,000+ Stadians joined the Dirt 5 leaderboard after the game went free on Stadia Pro.

Next, let’s check out some other interesting stats for the week! FIFA 23 was announced for Stadia this week, which makes it a great time to check in on the FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 leaderboards. We have been capturing an estimate of the size of the leaderboard in Seasons Mode for awhile now. We accomplish this by using the position of a dummy account with 0 Seasons wins. Note, however that in FIFA 22 we are able to earn a spot on the leaderboard even without completing a game (which was not the case in FIFA 21); so, it is possible that the FIFA 22 number represents a higher fraction of people who actually own the game on Stadia.

Next, let’s check out the Centipede: Recharged leaderboard for the game’s most popular mode. The game is not at the same level as Dirt 5, but the fun and simple Atari throwback continues picking up players at a pretty high pace. The leaderboard passed 6,000 listed Stadians this week.

centipede stadia leaderboard

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