Stadia Stats: June Starts Off in a Big Way

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another installment of Sunday Stadia Stats… June is here! Thank you all so much for your continued support of this project on Stadia Dosage! As always, you can find the raw data and interact with all the plots on our dedicated Stats page!

Here are some of the numbers we thought were interesting this week…

Stadia brought no less than 7 new games to Stadia Pro this month! It seems like we weren’t the only ones to like that news. The official blog post got quite a lot of likes in just the handful of days since it was posted (note that views and likes continue to come in weeks and months after the posts go live).

It’s been over a year since we updated the leaderboard size in Doom (2016) arcade mode (an optional arcade-style mode for replaying “levels” from the story). It’s continued to grow since that time and now sits at just about 3,000 Stadians. It’s hard to say how many Stadians played the story mode from these numbers, but it is nice to see the big jump.

We thought it would also be interesting to present all the Ubisoft Stadia leaderboard sizes we can track next to eachother. Note, it’s been awhile since we captured the Monopoly number; look for an update to that in the next week or so. And, also note, the Rayman Legends leaderboard was unfortunately recently reset.

Speaking of Ubisoft, two of the above games have weekly challenges that we can measure participation in (a player typically has to complete at least an event to register in the count).

Unfortunately it is a manual process to track the participation in these events; so, we don’t always capture them, but we do have data that covers the last 6 months.

Stadia Community Stats Milestones

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We’ll once again be back next week for another edition of Stadia Stats to scratch your Stadia Numbers itch. For mid-week updates follow @StadiaDosage and @jdeslip on twitter. You can find all of the past editions of “Stadia Stats” in our archive.

We’d also love to see your questions and comments in the replies below!


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