Stadia Stats: Player Counts and More for May 8th

Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Stadia Stats! We’ll be talking about player counts, community growth and a lot more!

You can interact with all of the data and plots on our Stadia Stats page. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to head over there to see a ton of data about Google Stadia growth.

Let’s start the analysis this week looking at some player counts based on public leaderboard information.

Let’s start with FIFA. FIFA 22’s seasons leaderboard passed 19,300 listed Stadians this week – it’s been growing over 60 names a day for the last couple weeks (helped by the $14.99 community choice sale and the launch of crossplay).

FIFA Seasons Stadia Leaderboards Over Time. Note the FIFA 21 Seasons leaderboard is computed with a slightly different criteria that may under-estimate its total size.

It’s been a couple months since we checked back in on the Rise of the Tomb Raider (optional) exhibitions levels leaderboard. It recently passed the 45,000 mark.

Kaze’s (optional) speedrun leaderboard on Stadia has more than doubled in size in the 7 days since joining Stadia Pro. By comparing to other games, we’re guessing these numbers represent 5%-10% of the people who completed level 1 in normal mode.

It’s always interesting to check back in on Sniper Elite 4’s leaderboard – now at 233k listed Stadians!

After we jinxed things two weeks ago by mentioning Stadia had been on top for 16 straight weeks, Stadia is once again on top in game availability from the UK’s top seller list among cloud platforms. We should also note that Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach has been on the list the past two weeks, which would soon add one more Stadia game.

The Destiny 2 player base on Stadia has remained strong this season (between 5k and 6k daily players during the Guardian Games) and has again surpassed 2% of PC players.

Stadia Stats Milestones:

  • Spanish community champions Crymen en la Nube and Markys both passed 5,000 subscribers on YouTube! Huge accomplishment for these two!

Upcoming Milestones:

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We’ll be back next week for another edition. For mid-week updates follow @StadiaDosage and @jdeslip on twitter.


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