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Shadow PC – Cloud Gaming Review

Shadow PC is not another cloud gaming service. This is not a direct competitor to Boosteroid or GeForce NOW. But It may just be the perfect cloud solution for many gamers. Read on to see our full Shadow PC cloud gaming review. Signing Up When it comes to trying Shadow PC, there is no free […]

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JoyArk - Play 100+ games immediately
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JoyArk Cloud Gaming Service Review

JoyArk is another emerging cloud gaming platform boasting 100+ AAA games in the cloud. But how does it compare? Is it pure Joy or more of a Ploy? Let’s find out. JoyArk seems to be a company based in either Singapore (based on contact number) or China (based on site registration) founded in 2021. They […]

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Luna+ Library on the Web
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Amazon Luna Review – 2023

A lot has changed with Amazon Luna over the past 6 months. The service has probably changed more than any other cloud gaming service on the market. Some of the changes have been for the better and others for the worse. So, we thought it was a good time to update with our Amazon Luna […]

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Netboom Cloud Gaming Banner
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Netboom or Netbust? — Cloud Service Review

Netboom boasts a slew of modern AAA games and hundreds of thousands of users, but is it for you? Netboom is a cloud gaming company based in Singapore, which was founded in 2019 when a group of young people wanted to play PC games on their phones. The Offering The model here, for the most […]

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PlayStation Plus
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PlayStation Plus Streaming Review

Streaming games through PlayStation Plus is an exercise in patience, passion and desperation. But the end result is still compelling. What Sony provides through their online platform is more tantalizing than perhaps any other cloud service. But among cloud services, this one is also the most needlessly confusing. Given the general movement of all the […]

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Blacknut Cloud Gaming Banner
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Blacknut Gaming Review

Blacknut Gaming may be one of the lesser known cloud gaming services but could it be the perfect solution for you? The Offering The model here is one that everyone will be familiar with. You get a library of games to play for a singular monthly fee (£12.99/$15.99 USD). There are no game purchases required […]

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