Over 20 Million Users Have Tried Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Streaming Device

Tom Warren from The Verge has reported that Microsoft revealed that over 20 million users have given Xbox Cloud Gaming a try. This was revealed in commentary from Microsoft CEO in an investor earnings call this afternoon.

In other parts of the earnings call, Satya Nadella also revealed that 50% of Xbox Series S purchasers are new to the Xbox ecosystem. It is becoming clear that, together, Game Pass, the Series S and Xbox Cloud Gaming are helping bring high-quality gaming to more and more people. Xbox is clearly aggressively going after the next billion gamers. We are also seeing new features and device support coming frequently to the Xbox Cloud offering.

The 20 million number is double the 10 million number reported less than a year ago. There is no doubt that the free-to-play Fortnite cloud edition played a role in this. Our own statistics show that the Android Xbox Game Pass app alone has passed 20 million downloads! It’s not clear how many of those downloads are playing games via the cloud, but with the official number being released from Microsoft, apparently a good fraction are.


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