GFN Thursday – 13 New Games This Week, 24 Lined Up For September

GFN Thursday Chromebook Deals

Welcome to another edition of GFN Thursday! We’ve got lots of game news for you. Four new GFN titles arrive this week, plus seven more PC Game Pass titles arrive! Then, we’ve got 22 new games lined up coming to GFN in September including 12 day and date releases.

But first, NVIDIA and Google have dropped the news that Chromebook owners can now pick up a free 3 month Priority Tier membership to GFN from their Chromebook perks page. I just checked on my Chromebook and can confirm the offer is indeed there. If you are a Chromebook user, go and check.

New Games This Week

Trine 5 GFN Game Banner

Four new games have landed on GeForce NOW via Steam this week. We highlighted all of these titles when they first opted-into GFN on Steam .

Next, more existing games get Xbox and Xbox PC Game Pass support! By our count (separating the HITMAN titles out), we’ll have 7 new PC Game Pass titles this week.

Also by our count, there are now 26 PC Game Pass games on GeForce NOW. A notable absence from this list is Starfield however. We have to receive any word about if and when Starfield will land on GFN.

Finally, the following 5 games have gotten Epic Game Store support in addition to their existing Steam support.

Games Coming in September

GFN Thursday September Game Announcements

NVIDIA also shared a list of 22 new games that will be coming to the service in September, including 12 brand new day and date releases. Also, note that a majority of these games were predicted as coming by our own weekly analysis of games opting into Steam on GFN. Sorry/Not-Sorry for spoiling the surprise on these…

In addition, it has now been confirmed that Saints Row will get Steam support on GFN (as we tipped off in our latest GFN-Steam update). And, Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, which is currently available via Steam, will add Epic Store support.


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