Outbreak: Shades of Horror Reaches its Goal on Kickstarter

Outbreak Shades of Horror

After just a week on Kickstarter, the next generation game in the Outbreak (classic survival horror) series, Outbreak: Shades of Horror by Dead Drop Studios, has met its funding goal. This means the game is officially coming to Stadia (as well as other platforms)!

As of writing, the game has $62,798 in support from 265 backers. We at Stadia Dosage backed the game at the level that would let us design an NPC in the form of @4Scarrs_Gaming and a Monster in the form of @CliveIllenden! It’s hard to know how much of the support for the game came from the Stadia community, but we suspect a non-trivial fraction.

Outbreak: Shades of Horror Kickstarter
Outbreak: Shades of Horror Kickstarter

As we previously mentioned, one of the interesting things the Dead Drop Studios team did was launch the Kickstarter campaign alongside a click-to-play demo of the game that utilized Stadia. This allows prospective supporters of the game to play the demo right on the spot in their browser before pledging their own financial support.

While, the current gen Outbreak: Contagious Memories is set to come to Stadia in the near future, Shades of Horror will now go into development for the next couple years and emerge in the 2025 timeframe. Yes, Stadia now officially has a game lined up for 2025!

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Shades of Horror will be the most ambitious undertaking from the development team to date – a small crew who has been consistently honing their craft with the release of each game in the series so far.

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