Stadia is the ONLY Cloud Platform

Sometimes when I tell people that I play on Stadia, the response I get back is along the lines of “why don’t you play on a better cloud platform.” Well, I am sorry to tell you this but, there are no other cloud gaming platforms!

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Not all cloud platforms are created equal

Sure, cloud gaming is all the rage right now. It seems like every company and their dog is delving into the world of cloud gaming in one way or another. But when it comes to actual cloud platforms, there is only one. And that’s Google Stadia.

What About the Other Cloud Gaming Services?

I don’t want to take anything away from the other services. But when all is said and done, that is all they are: services. There are many different options available today and that’s great. Options are good. There is no “one size fits all” and there doesn’t need to be. Different gamers have different needs. So, whilst GFN may suit one person best, that won’t be the case for everybody. Maybe Amazon Luna is perfect for another.

google stadia store page
Only Google Stadia has it’s own store front

What’s The Difference Between Platform and Service.

Take PlayStation for example: PlayStation is a platform. You buy Sony hardware, you buy PlayStation games – whether physical or digital. You have PlayStation Achievements and a PlayStation friends list, too. You have a PlayStation identity that your friends can invite you to multiplayer matches with. Compare this to GFN, a service; you don’t buy any games direct from GFN. Instead, you link to a PC game store such as Steam or Epic and certain agreed upon games will be playable through GFN. They act more like a mediator between your game store of choice and yourself.

Or, take Amazon Luna, another cloud service. Luna take a different approach here by having games on different channels that you can subscribe to. There is no linking to a PC game store but there’s also no storefront for Luna. You subscribe to different channels to access the games you choose. And, just like GFN games can and will be removed. In addition, there is nothing really “Luna” about these channels. On the Ubisoft channel, for example, Ubisoft connect is how you initiate multiplayer matches with friends, and the only achievements you can earn are Ubisoft connect ones. Other channels on Amazon Luna don’t have multiplayer support or achievements at all!

Xcloud, being a part of Xbox, you may think would be a platform but I think you would be wrong. Xbox is the platform. Xcloud is the service… As it stands you can’t play purchased games in the cloud or purchase directly through Xbox Gamepass ultimate. And, again, games rotate in and out. And, whilst you don’t need an Xbox to play games on Xbox Gamepass ultimate on a tablet or smartphone, you will need one to play on the biggest screen in your home and get the best experience.

What Makes Stadia different?

One of the biggest differences here is that only Google Stadia will allow you to actually purchase games. With it’s own dedicated storefront, you purchase the game direct from Stadia and you’re ready to go. The games library is fixed with Stadia too. Once a game is in your library, it is there to stay. No rotating in and out. (It may have a relatively small library, approaching 300 games, for now but that will change over time).

Of all the cloud gaming options out there, only Stadia is all encompassing. Stadia has a proper developer SDK (software developer kit) that game developers can use to integrate friends lists, in-app purchases, game invites, leaderboards, achievements, global privacy settings, and let’s not forget Stadia exclusive features such as Stream Connect, Crowd Choice, Party Stream and others!

It has all the extra features we expect from a console, and additional features that are enabled outside of the SDK like the ability to stream to YouTube, and Party chat with friends and produce game captures.

stadia has friends lists, parties and messages
Stadia offfers Friends lists, messages, and parties

So, whilst there may be a service that suits your needs better or offers a larger library, there is only one cloud gaming platform out there. As it stands, Google Stadia has no competition in that aspect.

Don’t let anybody tell you to use a “better cloud platform” as one simply doesn’t exist.



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  1. Definitely need to share this. I say it time and time again and ppl just don’t get it. Then I show them something like Doom 2016 even or Division 2 and they are blown away..yet still don’t get it.

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