Stadia Stats: The Crew Gets Bigger

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Stadia stats. This is the weekly blog where we discuss all the Stadia platform, game and community numbers! You can see all the data we collect and interact with all the plots on our dedicated Stadia Stats page.

It was another hot summer week of Stadia news with Skull and Bones and Saints Row both getting announced for Stadia. However, we’ve still got a few numbers to highlight as well!

First up, the Crew 2 leaderboard officially passed the 85,000 Stadian mark this week. It’s amazing how consistently this game has grown on Stadia over the years.

Crew 2 Stadia Leaderboard Size
The Crew 2 Stadia Leaderboard Size Over Time

Next, we’ve been continuing to track the leaderboard for the most popular game mode in Centipede Recharged. We thought it would be interesting to show it side by side against the Merek’s Market (level 2 finishers) leaderboard.

Merek’s Market (Level 2 finishers) and Centipede: Recharged (Single player recharged mode) leaderboard sizes on Stadia over time.

Thus, you can see the growth of that specific Centipede: Recharged leaderboard compares pretty well. We note that the growth of the Dirt 5 leaderboard on Stadia just a couple months earlier outpaced both of these.

Next this week, we want to give a big shoutout to @sDadia_Net who presented some really interesting Stadia Stats on this week’s episode of Stadium Connect North. He managed to get access to some really high fidelity data about Pro game revenue. Lots of interesting numbers were revealed – for example, that Pro Games can make over $1 per session. Checkout the video!

Stadium Connect North Episode 46

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