GFN Thursday: 40+ Games Coming in August

Baldur's Gate 3 GFN

What a huge week of game announcements from NVIDIA GeForce NOW! 9 new games are coming this week. 24 new games are listed as coming throughout the rest of the month. Of those 33 new games, we had predicted that 30 of them could be coming in our weekly Steam GFN “Opt-In” posts. Sorry for spoiling the surprise! Or… you’re welcome for providing a heads up?

Baldur’s Gate 3 which has been available on GFN during early-access is releasing in its final form on the service as well.

And! Beyond those 33 titles, we also have confirmation that the first titles from Bethesda are on their way this month!

Bethesda Titles Arriving This Month

GFN Thursday Bethesda Games Arrive

Next Xbox Game Studios have been announced. Games from Bethesda will be next up! In particular, NVIDIA mentions games from “DOOM“, “Quake” and “Wolfenstein” will join the service later this month. They don’t specify which titles exactly, but they do say “several titles” from these franchises will join.

New Games This Week

9 new games join the service this week. All 9 titles were predicted as coming to the service by us in our GFN Steam updates in the past weeks.

Plus, Bloons 6 TD is now also available on GFN from the Epic Game Store where it is free this week! This game was also predicted as coming before it arrived a few weeks back.

Games for the Rest of August

NVIDIA has also mentioned a ton of other games that are slated as coming to the service in August.

In addition, GFN is adding support for the Epic Game Store on a bunch of existing GFN (Steam) games:

We don’t count these as new games on the service. But, it’s nice to see the additional store support none-the-less.

Finally, GFN has confirmed that the 4080 rollout is complete. Here is the final RTX 4080 data center map. It looks like the Phoenix data center won’t be getting the new GPUs.

NVIDIA is going to be running a promotion called the “Ultimate Challenge” that lets users upgrade to the Ultimate tier of service for a day to see for themselves how epic it is.


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