Stadia Features – Stream Connect

Stadia Stream Connect

What is Stream Connect?

Next up in our “Stadia Features” series is Stream Connect. Games that feature Stream Connect bring a new way to experience co-op gameplay, allowing you and your teammates to see each other’s screens as you play.

What Can I do with it?

You can easily coordinate with team mates, It makes infiltrating the enemies base easier. Knowing who you are supposed to take out will be easier to discern. You can quickly see how each player is doing etc. However, the downside is when you are playing on smaller screen. Which could make it difficult to see the streams. Comparatively, playing on a TV looks and plays great.

How Do I set it up?

This feature is on by default and will show you the status of each player in your party. If one person disconnects or stops broadcasting, it will let you know.

This does harken back to the days of old where you would get your friends around and fire up split-screen multiplayer. It would be amazing if we could use this for other games, not just co-op. Even having one player as a coordinator that can tell players where to go. Now that Party Streaming has been made available on Stadia, Stream Connect might start to appear in more titles.

These are the games that currently support Stream Connect:

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